General Description (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

The property has three floors. Because it is built into the hillside, the lower ground floor is not a basement – it actually opens out onto the road via a carport on one side, and a patio in the garden on the other. The lower ground floor has three rooms – a garage, an interconnected workshop and a large room that can be used for hobbies, an office, or a playroom.

Lower Ground Floor:

Single Garage/Carport: The garage has a remote–controlled steel roller–shutter door and is approached from the road via a carport. It is 20 sqm in area (14x15 feet approx). The floor is concrete, sealed and painted.

Electric sockets, water supply and a drain are available for a washing machine or for washing cars etc.

There are also 5 kitchen–style storage cupboards. Steps lead from the garage/carport to an external kitchen door via a secure wrought iron gate.The carport also has an underground inspection pit for servicing and repair of vehicles.


Further secure parking: Also facing onto the road is a secure parking area for a further two cars.







Workshop: Next to the garage is a good–sized workshop, measuring 15 sqm (13x15 feet approx). There is a workbench, four 1.5 metre dexion racks,and a further four storage cupboards. Three–phase power is also available for welding etc. A door leads out from the workshop onto the lower–ground patio (See Garden & Pool).


Playroom/Office: This large room is currently being used as an office/computer room but would also make a suitable hobbies or play room. Nearly 20 sqm (14x15 feet approx.) it is fitted with ample sockets and fluorescent lighting. The floor is tiled with quality floor tiles and there is a tiled recessed shelf running round the room. There is a telephone point and an internet connection which is networked to other locations throughout the house.






Water supply system: Inside the playroom/office there is a pair of internal doors that lead into an area containing a large concrete water tank (deposito) and two further fibreglass water tanks. A small electric pump circulates water from the deposito to an irrigation system around the garden.

A second, larger, pump circulates water from the other two tanks, via a salt–based water softener, to the house. The system gives excellent water pressure. This office/playroom is accessed from the lower–ground patio through a secure steel and glass door. (See Garden & Pool).