Garden and Pool

The house is a on a corner plot, so two sides of the house have road-side access – one for the garage and parking, the other via a path to the front gate. The mature garden areas are set out on three levels, and made up of a mixture of patios, lawns, raised flower beds and fruit trees. There is also a good-sized 10mx7m pool.


Kitchen Garden. (Click on photos to enlarge):

Steps lead up from the garage and carport to the kitchen door. Opposite the door is a small herb bed currently planted with thyme, rosemary and mint. Two further beds contain two small peach trees,a mandarina tree and a non-fruiting pear tree. The rest of the area is gravelled.

It is screened from the road by a large conifer hedge and a stone wall. Another iron gate leads around the side of the house, via a path and a small cactus bed, to the front gate.




Main Garden Area (Click on photos to enlarge):

Outside the front door there is a 120 m2 (23ftx60ft) patio with raised flower beds along the lefthand side down the length of this part of the garden. At the end there is a small piece of lawn and more raised beds.

The righthand side of the patio has another long bed, this time at ground level, and then a strip of lawn between it and the pool.



The Pool (Click on photos to enlarge):

Overall, the pool is 10m x 7m. with a purpose built section in the shallow end for small children. Here there are steps down to a depth of just two feet or so. The main part of the pool is up to 1.8m (6 feet) deep. There is a pretty view from the pool across the valley to Mijas mountain.

As can be seen from the second photo, it has an electrically operated heavy-duty cover that runs in fitted rails either side of the pool. This serves several important functions. It

  • makes the pool safe for children and pets at all times when it is not in use.
  • keeps the pool clean by catching most of the leaves and dust from the garden
  • keeps the sun off the water and saves on the amount of chlorine needed for a healthy pool
  • warms the pool and extends the period for swimming by a couple of months if closed at night

It is strong enough to bear the weight of several people should anyone fall onto it. The cover opens by wrapping itself around a roller concealed in a hardwood bench along the width of the shallow end.

The pool is also equipped with a large electrical pool heater (heat-exchanger) which can further extend the swimming season if required





At the rear of the house is another 10mx5m patio on the same level as the pool. This can be accessed from the dining–room or from the winter lounge. Here you will find the foot of the steel circular staircase that goes up to the roof terrace.

This patio is equipped with two exterior electrical sockets for lighting or barbecue etc.






Garden – second level (Click on photos to enlarge):

On the second level, there is a long patio (4mx24m) that runs from the workshop door entrance, past the office/hobbies room to the end of the garden.

Much of this patio is under a plant-covered pergola, providing a cool, shady and quiet area in which to relax. There are two 4-seater stone benches under the pergola. Flower beds run down one side while the other side has steps up to the pool past a long raised flower bed.

At the end of the patio is a efficient Spanish barbeque. Next to it is a typical Spanish summer kitchen – made up of work surfaces, an electric oven, a sink, a drainer and water supply.



Garden – third level (Click on photos to enlarge):

Steps lead down from the second level to a small huerta (orchard) containing a large lemon tree, three small orange trees and a wood shed